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Stefano Firpi Stefano Firpi CUDA and COMSOL
gpu , CUDA , Solving , 5.3
12,418 6 2 weeks ago
Oussama Dadi Oussama Dadi rigid particle carried by a channel flow
Fluid Flow , FSI , CFD , Structural Mechanics , 4.4
4,464 20 3 months ago
Shahram Roshanpour Shahram Roshanpour how to remove some of "Property" from "Material Contents" ? 3,586 4 4 months ago
Carlos Rodrigues Carlos Rodrigues eigenfrequency study wineglass model (water-glass boundary condition) 200 0 4 months ago
Harkirat Bansal Harkirat Bansal Recoverable error in residual, but solver could not recover. 9,185 9 5 months ago
Aditya Sridhar Aditya Sridhar COMSOL Design of Membrane Deformation using FSI 238 0 5 months ago
J Bohnker J Bohnker Membrane wing in FSI 107 0 5 months ago
Ali Ali Fluid structure interaction with Turbulence k omega model 1,278 1 5 months ago
Matteo Mori Matteo Mori Infinite terrain ground motion 309 1 5 months ago
Xianfeng Song Xianfeng Song Failed to find consistent initial values 581 4 5 months ago
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Taking induced Piezoelectric force and apply it to FSI physics. 359 0 5 months ago
Jesse Soliman Jesse Soliman [Newbie] Need help simulating an air bubble moving in a tube 134 0 6 months ago
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Moving mesh following the structural deformation 299 0 6 months ago
Sajiree Vaidya Sajiree Vaidya Damping of the piezoelectric material 513 0 6 months ago
Sunny Pan Sunny Pan cell move in a microchannel 139 0 6 months ago
Sunny Pan Sunny Pan solid young's modulus effect in fluid-structure interaction question 201 0 6 months ago
Alexander Werth Alexander Werth Displacement of a point or node within global coordinate frame 191 2 6 months ago
Dhanendra Dewangan Dhanendra Dewangan Laminar flow between two parallel plate with a rectangle step 1,425 2 6 months ago
Yusuf Kahraman Yusuf Kahraman Buoyancy Force 1,537 1 7 months ago
Cemre Esemen Cemre Esemen Buoyancy Force on Falling Sand Grain Example 1,697 1 7 months ago
Augusto Barros Augusto Barros How to Evaluate Dependent Variable at Different Position ? 174 0 7 months ago
Seyed Mohammad Javid Mahmoudzadeh Akherat Seyed Mohammad Javid Mahmoudzadeh Akherat FSI with solid contact in the fluid domain 329 0 7 months ago
Ali Anil Demircali Ali Anil Demircali Drag Force Calculation for a Micro Robot in a Liquid 235 0 8 months ago
Ishtiak Mokut Ishtiak Mokut Combining FSI and Piezoelectric device 319 0 8 months ago
TKint TKint Modeling of diffusion 1,531 5 8 months ago

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