Mesh error on a complex geometry

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Erol Jentzsch

Erol Jentzsch

April 22, 2011 9:29pm UTC

Mesh error on a complex geometry

Hi everybody,

I am using Comsol 4.1 for about a month.

I have imported a complex geometry from Solidworks to Comsol and would like to have electric field distribution created between a collector (cylindrical) and six nozzles. You could find the geometry picture in the attachment.

When I draw a simpler geometry in Comsol, I suceed for this operation. But when I try to mesh this geometry I get this error: "Free Tetrahedral 1" I guess this error occurs because of the complex geomety. Do I have a chance of a specific mesh for geometries like these? Or any other opinions?

Hope to have your solutions about this problem.

Thanks from now,


Attachments:   rapor1-6947.jpg  

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Ivar Kjelberg

Ivar Kjelberg

April 23, 2011 7:23am UTC in response to Erol Jentzsch

Re: Mesh error on a complex geometry


meshing such complex geometries is difficult.
You should start to "de-feature" it: remove all small items not really useful for the model, such as bolts, holes, hinges, chamfers, fillets ...
Then check that the remaining volumes of he CAD are touching each other to make common borders

Also if you are doing EC/ES you do not necessarily need the volumes often its enough with the surfaces (depends what you want to model), this could also guide your de-featuring selection.

Then complex parts are often meshed easier if they are split, particularly if you have "loops", often its better to mesh manually when one has many items

Good luck

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