PDE in comsol 4.0a

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Richa Kumari

Richa Kumari

July 20, 2011 1:58pm UTC

PDE in comsol 4.0a

i am gettin error in my simulation. it may be because the coefficients of PDE general form that i have taken is wrong. i hav attached my work too. please look into it and let me identify the errors.

as per given info:
four differential eqn :
1). one non linear (pde)


Please separate the above into conservative flux, source term, damping or mass coefficient, mass coefficient

2).3 linear (ode)

Aw and Bw are variables.
where w is m,n,h
in which part should i declare these ode's

please check dat the procedures which i hav followed is correct or not.

3) In V 3.5a we hav UMFPACK (direct solver but i could'nt locate it in v 4.0a

Attachments:   new-model-8689.mph  

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Muhammad Mohsin Rehman

Muhammad Mohsin Rehman

October 15, 2011 1:20pm UTC in response to Richa Kumari

Re: PDE in comsol 4.0a

Hi Miss Richa,
Can you please let me know how can I introduce my own PDEs in COMSOL 4.0?
In addition, how can I see the equations being used for any model in COMSOL 4.0?

Many thanks in advance.

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