Problem running the Busbar example model from Matlab

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Alon Rozen

Alon Rozen

October 3, 2012 2:04pm UTC

Problem running the Busbar example model from Matlab


I am know to Comsol and learning how to operate comsol from Matlab.

I am trying to run the 'Busbar' example from a Matlab 'm' file. This example is given both in the general help of Comsol and in the LiveLink to Matlab help. .
I copied the code very carefully from the 'Introduction to LiveLink for Matlab' help into a Matlab 'm' file.
After copping every step in the example I run the Matlab program and observed the results.
Everything worked fine until I copied the following lines, which create electric potential boundary conditions:

pot1 = jh.feature.create('pot1', 'ElectricPotential', 2);
pot1.set('v0', 'Vtot');

(copied from my 'm' file)

Because of the font it is hard to tell but the '0' in 'V0' is a zero (I also tried replace it with both 'o' and 'O' ).
This time I always get an error message:

Error using com.comsol.model.physics.impl.PhysicsFeatureImpl/set
Java exception occurred:
com.comsol.util.exceptions.FlException: Unknown parameter X#v0
Unknown parameter X#v0
- Feature: Joule Heating (jh)

I tried everything I know but cannot proceed because of this error.
Can anyone help?


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