mphplot + Matlab with no desktop

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Felipe Beltran-Mejia

Felipe Beltran-Mejia

October 4, 2012 4:01pm UTC

mphplot + Matlab with no desktop

Hi community!
I'm doing a huge iterative loop in which matlab changes the parameters of a single model. Everytime I get a result, Matlab saves the numbers in a txt file, shows me the graphs in the figure window and saves it in a jpeg file.

I have being doing this for weeks using the Matlab GUI and after some memory crashes from matlab I've decided to run it without the graphic interface.

The problem now is that everytime the loops makes an mphplot, the output figure creates an error message due to the non-graphic interface I'm now using.

So here is my question:
Does anybody knows a workaround in order to make mphplot not to show the figure window but to save the jpeg file?

This is the way I'm doing it right now:



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