Extrusion as a domain

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Tom Myers

Tom Myers

October 6, 2012 3:10pm UTC

Extrusion as a domain


Imagine I have a substrate in which a geometrical shape has been machined into it (extruded in CAD). I want to model the fluid flow within the shape.

How can I access the shape as a "domain" within COMSOL? Consider the example in the screenshot ( I have removed a top cover for clarity). I want to assign the cut-out as my laminar flow domain and the rest of the substrate as another domain of a different material and physics. At the moment COMSOL associates everything as a single domain, so I have to model all parts as a fluid.

I have been successful in the past where I have had a shape "floating" within another shape i.e. the shape not cut-out but a shape within the larger block, then COMSOL has seen these as two separate domains.

The reason why I have not done this here is because the block has been provided to me with a cut-out and I do not want to change/redraw it.

Any Thoughts?

Many Thanks.

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Ivar Kjelberg

Ivar Kjelberg

October 6, 2012 8:48pm UTC in response to Tom Myers

Re: Extrusion as a domain


load in your hollow geoemtry, as is, then try the cover the top area with the COMSOL Geometry "Cap Faces" and selet the boundary edges

Good luck

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