Calculation of oxides reduction

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Juan Felipe Tamayo

Juan Felipe Tamayo

October 8, 2012 4:33pm UTC

Calculation of oxides reduction


I'm working with a model that simmulates the reduction of superficial oxides in a powder metallurgy compact. I need that the rate of reaction of this reaction is 0, when the superficial oxides are consumed totally. For this, i have to integrate, in the porous domain, the rate of reaction with respect to time. When this value is higher than the total amount of superficial oxides, the reate of reaction should become 0.

I'm am using the Domain ODEs and DAEs to calculate this, but i'm having problems with the stop criteria ( rate of reaction is 0, when the value s the integral is higher than the original amount of oxides). Once the value of integral is 0, there are still zones were there is rate of reaction is still not 0.
I suppose i'm using a wrong tool to calculate the time evolving integral.
Does anyone can help me with this issue.

I you want to have a look of my model I can attach it.


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