Nanowire joule heating

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Pavan Nukala

Pavan Nukala

November 15, 2012 6:19pm UTC

Nanowire joule heating

I am new to comsol. I am trying to model temperature profile along my nanowire. My process is as follows:
There is a constant current pulse for a few nanoseconds. The nanowire joule heats, with the contacts (ends of the nanowire) being almost at room temperature. Nanowire is exposed to atmosphere (vacuum) on all the sides (which means it can radiatively lose heat too, not just via conduction to the surface), except for the substrate side. Also, the electrical resistivity of the nanowire is a function of the temperature itself.

I was wondering which package combines joule heating, solving transients, and includes radiative as well as conductive heat losses.

Thanks for the help

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