Joule Heating with Thermal Expansion Simple Setup

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Brandon Voelker

Brandon Voelker

November 18, 2012 6:30pm UTC

Joule Heating with Thermal Expansion Simple Setup

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am new to COMSOL but have used other software for simulations (ANSYS), I am currently trying to model an aluminum wire embedded in a polyethylene substrate, just doing a 2D analysis for now. I have created a potential difference for the wire and would like to see the resulting thermal gradient, and the ultimate goal of the stress created between the wire and the substrate.

However when I go to solve I get an error that I have undefined values, I narrowed it down to the polyethylene, but can not find any missing values?

To move past this I temporarily just selected copper as a substrate material, this got past the first error, but a new error appears that there are degrees of freedom (resulting during the mechanical analysis) I have a fixed edge so not sure what else I should have to define.

Attached is the file I have been working with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Frank van Gool

Frank van Gool
COMSOL Employee

January 18, 2013 3:02pm UTC in response to Brandon Voelker

Re: Joule Heating with Thermal Expansion Simple Setup

Dear Brandon,

please check forum entry 31019
where the same error occurs.

You have chosen a poisson's ratio of 0.5 which leads to infinite numbers on the diagonal. Choosing a value of 0.499 will solve your problem.

Best regards,

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