comsol's algorithm for determining number of domains

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Alexander Warning

Alexander Warning

November 25, 2012 5:37pm UTC

comsol's algorithm for determining number of domains

I am running COMSOL w/ Matlab for an optimization of a geometry and need to be able to know the number of domains formed by 4 curves.

The problem is stated as:

I need an algorithm to determine how many domains I have. I have 4 sides that always touch, 3 are fixed and I am varying 1 of them. 2 sides are straight lines and the other 2 are large waves which when all 4 connected, form 1 domain. The problem is, sometimes my program changes this one side such that 1) it crosses over itself making more than 1 domain and 2) sometimes its amplitude is large enough it intersects another side.

I have been suggested to check path connectedness. Does anyone know if an algorithm has been posted for this?


Does anyone know of a better algorithm?

I am using Matlab's optimation algorithm for this and need to input a constraint from generating parameter spaces with more than 1 domain.

Thank you!

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