scattering nanoparticle cross section

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Nicola Basili

Nicola Basili

January 11, 2013 5:59pm UTC

scattering nanoparticle cross section

Sorry my English is not perfect.

I have to make a simulation of a gold nanoparticle (R = 20nm) hit by a plane wave.
I have to get a chart:
x-axis - wavelength (200nm-800nm​​) or frequency
y-axis - cross section of extinction

I use COMSOL 4.3
I saw that there are other threads about it. are appointed the following tutorial:
scattering Nanosphere
radar cros section
rcs sphere

I still do not know anything about COMSOL.
there is a tutorial fit my problem?
how can I proceed?

thanks for your help

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May 28, 2013 1:27pm UTC in response to Nicola Basili

Re: scattering nanoparticle cross section

may be it's a late reply but check the series


careful while setting up excitation, defining pml & material (inorder to avoid artifact hotspots) more over understand basics of crosssection to incorporate formulae.

best of luck


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