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Stefano Bosisio

Stefano Bosisio

March 14, 2013 3:57pm UTC

Cell Convection

I need some tricks to know how can I simulate my problem.

I've got a rectangular cell ( 4cm height, 2,5 width, 3 mm thick) with a dilute suspension in it.
I want to investigate the possibile convection motion arising from different temperatures on the walls and from the sedimentaion of those particles ( 3 micron diamater ), but comsol offer me so many options that I'm a bit puzzled :s
(which physics should i use?? laminar flow? thermal flow? dilute suspension? or multiphysics?)

Another problem is that comsol always ask me to set inflow and outflow but i'm ina stationery condition and i don't have any flow but only sedimentation.

Finally i would like to know if is possibile to simulate a sedimentation of these colloids

Can anybody help me?

Thank you :)

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Ivar Kjelberg

Ivar Kjelberg

March 14, 2013 9:52pm UTC in response to Stefano Bosisio

Re: Cell Convection


well COMSOL has many possibilities, but first one must analyse the model to identify which variables are driving and which are driven, which known and unknown ...

in CFD inlet outlet are not required, but if not used (closed system, one must not forget to fix a auge pressure somewhere in the mode (generally at any one "point" is enough)

to analyse sedimentation, one must probably use particle module

Good luck

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