2D model coupling

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Kevin Bruurs

Kevin Bruurs

June 21, 2013 11:51am UTC

2D model coupling

I want to couple two 2D models, the first models computes a stationary state and the second should use the result to compute a time dependent model. I thought that with identity mapping I could read the results from my stationary and use them as initial condition for the time dependent model.

I know that the problem in this case it can be solved easier, but I want to use the concept in a bigger reaction engineering model.

Thanks in advance,

Kevin Bruurs

Attachments:   coupling-19342.mph  

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Frank van Gool

Frank van Gool
COMSOL Employee

June 24, 2013 2:28pm UTC in response to Kevin Bruurs

Re: 2D model coupling

Dear Kevin,

Not sure what your question is in the end, but I attached a model which shows how to use a result from a different study as initial value for your transient calculation.
The screenshot shows the most relevant settings in this case.

In short, you use the results from a different study as initial values. In study 2, you disable the boundary conditions for the temperature.

If this is not what you intended, please explain what you want to achieve and why. There might be multiple ways to solve this.

Best regards,

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