Frequency Response Analysis

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Victor Soares

Victor Soares

July 10, 2013 1:31am UTC

Frequency Response Analysis

Good Evening,

In my simulations I'd like to excite my object with a known force throughout a certain frequency range then have a FRF Graph of it with Frequency on the x axis and the Acceleration/Force .

I'm currently using a Frequency Domain solver and a Boundary Load at the point in which the force is applied. But my curves are too off if compared to the experimental one. Also the results for the acceleration vary from point to point and I believe that the acceleration doesn't vary because the object, even tho asymmetric , is being excited with the same force right in it's center.

I'd like to know what am I doing wrong , and what can I do to fix it.
The Y-Scale is in dB instead of Linear...I'd like to know if I can change that too.

For computational purposes my mesh is a normal-coarse because it takes too long for a detailed mash and I'm not getting not even close results yet.

Attachments:   FRF.jpeg  

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