parametric sweep caused material/mesh problem

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Shijie Chen

Shijie Chen

July 19, 2013 7:52am UTC

parametric sweep caused material/mesh problem

Hi everyone

I'm building a model involving parametric sweep along one/different lines, since parts change at different rate. One of the main problem I'm facing now is that with parametric sweep, I cannot set material/ select domain properly,as long as any two domains have overlap.
Attached is a simple example. Two rectangles sweep along one line. From the graph, it seems that two domains have no overlap but just one common face. However when i go to materials after geometry building, some error occurs, saying "internal error in geometry decomposition". And in 'geometry' I cannot do boolean operations to the swept domain. I find there will not be such problem for normal sweep (with scale 1). Could anyone help me or give me some hint? Thanks in advance
BTW Does anyone have idea how to do a sweep (say rectangle) with one side changing while the other side constant?

Attachments:   problem4.3-19659.mph  

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