Matlab with Comsol graphics mode

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Patrick Mayrhofer

Patrick Mayrhofer

October 11, 2013 10:39am UTC

Matlab with Comsol graphics mode

Hello guys,

I am using Comsol 4.2a with Matlab for solving a piezoelectricity problem. There, I am excecuting a batch for a parameteric sweep where I would like to see graphical output while solving. So far, I was not able to "switch on" the graphics mode as is mentioned in in the Comsol for matlab manual.

At some point in the matlab files the batch mode is being prepared and then excecuted like this:
model.batch('p1').set('control', 'param2');
model.batch('p1').set('pname', {'d31'});
model.batch('p1').set('plist', d31_range);
model.batch('p1').set('err', true);
model.batch('p1').feature('so1').set('seq', 'sol1');
model.batch('p1').feature('so1').set('psol', 'sol2');
% Execute:

Can anyone tell me how I can turn on the graphics mode or enable graphical output while the batch is being executed?


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Lars Gregersen

Lars Gregersen
COMSOL Employee

October 17, 2013 1:43pm UTC in response to Patrick Mayrhofer

Re: Matlab with Comsol graphics mode


You must start comsolserver with the -graphics option. This is described in the installation and operations manual.

Lars Gregersen
Comsol Denmark

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