Connecting FEMLAB 3.0a & MATLAB

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Rainee VanNatter

Rainee VanNatter

October 11, 2013 2:05pm UTC

Connecting FEMLAB 3.0a & MATLAB

I installed matlab on my laptop which already had FEMLAB 3.0a installed. I would like to be able to edit & run one of my models via matlab. I have no idea where I put the installation disc (it's obviously been a while). Does anyone know how to manually link matlab with this (very old) version of FEMLAB.

FEMLAB 3.0a (
Matlab R2009b (
Windows XP Pro (SP3)

thanks for any suggestions,

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Jeff Hiller

Jeff Hiller
COMSOL Employee

October 11, 2013 7:48pm UTC in response to Rainee VanNatter

Re: Connecting FEMLAB 3.0a & MATLAB

Hi Raine,
I have my doubts that version 3.0a, which as released in 2004, will be able to work with a version of MATLAB released 5 years later. To state the obvious, 3.0a wasn't developed to work with a version of MATLAB that didn't exist until 5 years later.

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