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Gabriel Voirol Gabriel Voirol Access to function n_interp
refractive , index , Interpolation , local , table , function , 5.2 , Materials and functions
378 2 1 month ago
侨 董 侨 董 how to add a table variable 109 0 4 months ago
Moutusi De Moutusi De interpolation in comsol 111 0 5 months ago
Seth Campbell Seth Campbell Importing an Excel point XYZ elevation file into COMSOL for modeling ice flow 21,571 26 5 months ago
Erin  Koksal Erin Koksal Interpolation Function Help 13,375 14 6 months ago
Ongun Arısev Ongun Arısev Sampling of interpolating function at a particular point 386 2 2 yearss ago
Rui  Silva Rui Silva Import results from a different simulation as a boundary condition or solve simulation for each geometry separetly 4,704 8 2 yearss ago
Yanxiang Yu Yanxiang Yu Computing Speed Extremely Low in Time-Dependent Solver 1,263 3 2 yearss ago
Anoop Asranna Anoop Asranna Calling an interpolation function 661 0 3 yearss ago
Chris Bennett Chris Bennett Interpolation for Thermal Conductivity 2,044 0 5 yearss ago
Erin  Koksal Erin Koksal Using the Interpolation Function to Pass Boundary Conditions 5,271 1 6 yearss ago

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