Comsol with Matlab interface

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Arye Nudelman

Arye Nudelman

April 15, 2011 5:06pm UTC

Comsol with Matlab interface

hi to all

i'm new with Comsol and i took the Busbar heat example and opened it in matlab
comsol4.1 with matlab
and then
i opened the comsol Busbar example from tutorial
and saved as M file

i opened it in matlab ran it and got the results at the attached PDF

what can i do with it?

what can i change ?
how can i see my changes?
what is this ans data that in the pdf?

i really would like to learn have matlab benifits with comsol interface
can someone guide me or help me to find a tutorial for this?

thanks a lot

Attachments:   busbar-in-matlab-6821.pdf  

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