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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 105 0 2 days ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Francisco Munoz Francisco Munoz Eigenfrequency and Temperature in a Cantilever 4,581 8 2 days ago
Olutosin Fawole Olutosin Fawole Moving Mesh (ale) with magnetic fields 59 0 2 days ago
SVSS Sumanth SVSS Sumanth eigen frequncy analysis in AT-Quartz resonator 32 0 7 days ago
Dipta Dipta MEMS based piezoelectric Energy Harvesting 124 1 2 weeks ago
Yuchen Shen Yuchen Shen Cannot generate Global Evaluation 35 0 2 weeks ago
Vassil Tzanov, UAB Vassil Tzanov, UAB Absolute pressure in water is smaller than expected. 66 0 3 weeks ago
Viraj Sabane Viraj Sabane Two phase Liquid Liquid extraction 146 0 1 month ago
Saleha Quadssia Saleha Quadssia Damped Eigen frequency Analysis 1,047 1 1 month ago
Borys Knysh Borys Knysh Long wire simulation 257 0 1 month ago
DHam DHam Maxwell tensor evaluation problem in a hyperelastic material 1,179 5 1 month ago
Ekrem Sahin Ekrem Sahin Phase delay of piezoelectric structures 86 0 2 months ago
Korakot Boonyaphon Korakot Boonyaphon Maximum number of Newton iterations reached. in microfluidics model 156 0 2 months ago
Sajiree Vaidya Sajiree Vaidya Comsol post processing- How to plot AC voltage vs time in comsol? 171 1 2 months ago
Saeed Younis Saeed Younis defining a no-flux 2D surface on top of a 3D box 215 10 2 months ago
Suzan Miah Suzan Miah electrostatic force cause displacement in parallel plate capacitor in COMSOL 9,632 20 2 months ago
JF Wa JF Wa particle deformation througn a contrained channel 1,546 5 2 months ago
Sajiree Vaidya Sajiree Vaidya Damping of the piezoelectric material 277 0 2 months ago
Mohamed Adelkhalik Mohamed Adelkhalik Contact Pairs in Electromechanical Model 190 0 2 months ago
Shimaa Mohamed Shimaa Mohamed Model piezoelectric cantilever beam 246 1 3 months ago
Fuxi Zhang Fuxi Zhang (5.1 acoustics) Error Division by zero. - Function: / 557 1 3 months ago
Gulsah Ozisik Gulsah Ozisik Undefined value found in the equation residual vector. 16,154 23 3 months ago
Ali Mojdeh Ali Mojdeh Undefined value found error 432 2 3 months ago
Amey Revandkar Amey Revandkar rf mems switch design (comsol 4.2a) 3,476 22 3 months ago
Seyed Mohammad Javid Mahmoudzadeh Akherat Seyed Mohammad Javid Mahmoudzadeh Akherat FSI with solid contact in the fluid domain 254 0 3 months ago
Haydn Wadsworth Haydn Wadsworth Elasticity Matrix for Silicon 11,345 15 3 months ago

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