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Junyoung Kwon Junyoung Kwon Micromagnetic simulation based on LLG eq. by COMSOL 256 0 6 months ago
Jeremy Lee Jeremy Lee Couple Solid State Mechanics (solid) to Electromagnetic Waves (emw) 211 0 12 months ago
Aliya Mitchell Aliya Mitchell Flow past a cylinder tutorial simulation 136 0 12 months ago
Hans Gennerich Hans Gennerich Temperatures calculated but thermal expansion calculation is missing ? 2,350 15 1 years ago
Hans Gennerich Hans Gennerich Mutlitphysics node needed? For heat transfer through solid and through fluid in one model 1,526 7 1 years ago
Youngeun Cho Youngeun Cho how to implement feedback control with a loudspeaker module in COMSOL ?? 942 1 2 yearss ago
Sandra Johnson Sandra Johnson Linking between EWBE and Multiphysics 463 0 2 yearss ago
Tim B Tim B Coupling thermal mechanical problem 331 0 2 yearss ago
Philippe Aubin Philippe Aubin Measuring electric field norm as materials deforms 434 0 3 yearss ago
Valerio Marra Valerio Marra The 2014 Edition of IEEE Spectrum Multiphysics Simulation is now available! 1,154 0 3 yearss ago
Andres Hajjar Andres Hajjar Modeling piezoelectric with a non-piezoelectric material 754 1 3 yearss ago
Diana David Diana David defining output variable of an interface as dependent variable in global equation 924 0 4 yearss ago
Valerio Marra Valerio Marra New "Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics" book now available 5,941 7 4 yearss ago
Valerio Marra Valerio Marra Call for Papers - COMSOL Conference 2013 2,404 0 4 yearss ago
Valerio Marra Valerio Marra New "Introduction to Multiphysics" book 1,005 0 5 yearss ago

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