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Simantini Mitra-Behura Simantini Mitra-Behura Implementing Periodic Boundary Conditions in Coefficient Form Boundary PDEs
Definitions and operators , boundary conditions , periodic , PDE , 5.3 , Physics
540 4 3 days ago
Dirk Oude Egbrink Dirk Oude Egbrink Magnetocaloric effect
5.0 , Materials and functions , Physics , AC/DC Module , magnetocaloric effect , MCE , PDE , ODE
1,213 1 3 months ago
Monish Kumar Monish Kumar Coupled PDE with time varying boundary condition 64 0 4 months ago
Rafal Sulwinski Rafal Sulwinski Second and mixed derivatives in Coefficient Form PDE 115 0 5 months ago
Solving a PDE in a volume (3D) coupled with a PDE on it's surface (2D) 260 0 9 months ago
Lyon Hum Lyon Hum How to rotate the structure object with PDE method 76 0 10 months ago
Giulia M. Giulia M. PDE coefficient form, two variables with different units 365 1 1 years ago
Ramanish Singh Ramanish Singh Zero flux 1 in Coefficient form pde 202 0 1 years ago
Zakaria Idkhissi Zakaria Idkhissi implementing the general form of heat equation. 399 0 1 years ago
Evan Zamir Evan Zamir Weak form for 2-D elasticity 3,741 6 1 years ago
Hao Zhu Hao Zhu Solve 2D Euler equations by using general PDE (g) 751 2 1 years ago
Hanis Ismail Hanis Ismail Need help to input partial derivatives in Dirichlet Boundary Condition 258 0 1 years ago
Barhoumi Marouen Barhoumi Marouen Self-consistent Schrödinger-Poisson - Comsol 343 0 1 years ago
Liang Tian Liang Tian Urgent research problem: How to solve PDE systems( 2 PDEs 2 unknown u1,u2 coupled in 2 PDEs) in Comsol 4.0???? 12,813 18 1 years ago
Giulia M. Giulia M. PDE Coefficient Form: how to introduce the h matrix? 476 0 1 years ago
Hanis Ismail Hanis Ismail Boundary Layer Flow Over a Moving Plate 335 0 1 years ago
Hoon Jeong Hoon Jeong How to build own 1-D semiconductor model? 372 0 1 years ago
Jorge Yannie Jorge Yannie Solving coupled ODEs error 482 0 2 yearss ago
Tiziana Carambia Tiziana Carambia Implementation of PDEs with two dependent variables 627 0 2 yearss ago
Aden Aden How to define an Analytic Function for calculating the current density 1,247 1 2 yearss ago
Allan Allan Integration coupling variables PDE, HELP!! 409 0 2 yearss ago
Filip Prochazka Filip Prochazka Electrostatics boundary condition in PDE form 609 0 2 yearss ago
Sepideh Ramezani Sepideh Ramezani How to Write 2D diffusive wave equation in PDE form 359 0 2 yearss ago
Max Marian Max Marian PDE with 2 variables 517 1 2 yearss ago
Aden Aden ion concentration/concentration gradient 944 1 2 yearss ago

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