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Juan Tamez Juan Tamez piezoelectric reference impedance pzd.Zref
piezoelectric , reference impedance , Structural Mechanics , MEMS , Definitions and operators
667 1 2 months ago
Dipta Dipta MEMS based piezoelectric Energy Harvesting 309 1 4 months ago
Shelby Rushe Shelby Rushe 3-D Piezoelectric Energy Harvester 138 0 4 months ago
Anand T Anand T Piezo electric multiphysics simulation 107 0 6 months ago
James Foollee James Foollee MEMS piezo electric output 115 0 8 months ago
TingWei Liu TingWei Liu Floquet type periodic boundary conditions in piezoelectric module 255 0 8 months ago
Muhammad Fahlesa Fatahilah Muhammad Fahlesa Fatahilah How to show piezoelectric potential on 3D structure 124 0 9 months ago
Charve Lau Charve Lau problems on modeling magnetoelectric material 680 1 9 months ago
Yishen Lu Yishen Lu How to simulate a ST cut quartz in comsol? 340 0 1 years ago
Manu Goiogana Bengoetxea Manu Goiogana Bengoetxea Piezoelectric Device 3D 2,894 3 1 years ago
Kevin Bagnall Kevin Bagnall Importing electric potential distribution for piezoelectric simulation 484 0 2 yearss ago
Toluse Alemika Toluse Alemika Piezoelectric Transducer Trigger/sensor project 1,881 1 2 yearss ago
Marco Colangelo Marco Colangelo Piezo membrane help 428 0 2 yearss ago
Chi Hou Lei Chi Hou Lei piezoelectric speakers 296 0 2 yearss ago
Firdaus Prabowo Firdaus Prabowo piezo modeling with incomplete piezo properties from PZT manufacturers datasheet 438 0 2 yearss ago
Firdaus Prabowo Firdaus Prabowo Damping in piezoelectric model 523 0 2 yearss ago
Firdaus Prabowo Firdaus Prabowo electromechanical coupling coefficient of PZT 597 0 2 yearss ago
Daniel Aurich Daniel Aurich Piezo energy harvester 3,009 5 2 yearss ago
Miao Meng Miao Meng Piezoelectric Impedance Plot 709 0 3 yearss ago
Michael Farnsworth Michael Farnsworth Calculate Internal Capacitance 474 0 3 yearss ago
MinKi Kim MinKi Kim Have some question about piezoelectric physics,! 635 5 3 yearss ago
Farrukh Mateen Farrukh Mateen applying em-waves to piezoelectric resonator terminal 776 1 3 yearss ago
Farrukh Mateen Farrukh Mateen coupling of two physics 972 0 3 yearss ago
Rajasekaran Ganeshkumar Rajasekaran Ganeshkumar Piezoelectric beam - Unsymmetrical displacement 938 0 3 yearss ago
Farrukh Mateen Farrukh Mateen piezoelectric resonator thickness shear mode 903 2 3 yearss ago

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