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Active Discussions - scattering

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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.2a Update 1 109 0 6 days ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Riyasat Ohib Riyasat Ohib How to calculate Electric Field Enhancement in the optical Nanoantenna (Dimer) Gap
Electrical , nanoantenna , scattering , Field Enhancement , 5.2 , Optical Nanoantenna , RF , RF Module , Wave Optics Module
322 0 6 months ago
Adarsh Vasista Adarsh Vasista Scattering by nanorods
far field , scattering , 5.1 , RF Module
519 0 1 years ago
Daniel Frantz Daniel Frantz Scattering Model Doesn't Compute
frequency domain , Electromagnetic waves , scattering , Solving
951 2 2 yearss ago
Guy Shalem Guy Shalem PML touching metals
RF Module , Plasmonics , nanophotonics , scattering
618 0 2 yearss ago
Guy Shalem Guy Shalem Gaussian beam
RF Module , scattering , nanooptics , Plasmonics
618 0 2 yearss ago
Guy Shalem Guy Shalem Simulation of field distribution through subwavelength holes in gold/silver layer
Photonics , RF Module , nanooptics , Plasmonics , scattering
827 0 2 yearss ago
COMSOLoholic COMSOLoholic A problem in defining polarized current source
current source , scattering , Polarization , RF Module , AC/DC Module , RF
2,644 2 5 yearss ago

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