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Suresh Seetharam Suresh Seetharam External materials node - which variables are accessible to external wrapper function?
how to compile the C code to a DLL file please tell me the details
330 8 2 weeks ago
Javier Escuer Javier Escuer Incompressible Yeoh Model - Solid Mechanics 411 4 4 months ago
Hans Gennerich Hans Gennerich COMSOL incapable to calculate static pressure in a confined fluid? 4,305 14 5 months ago
Anand T Anand T Piezo electric multiphysics simulation 107 0 6 months ago
Erick Alaimo Erick Alaimo Cable model with point mass 151 0 7 months ago
Satthiyaraju M Satthiyaraju M Droplet Induced Deflection of Solid Structure 174 0 7 months ago
Benjamin Raju Benjamin Raju Solid mechanics, Time dependent analysis 176 0 11 months ago
Shirin Moradi Shirin Moradi body load, weight with depth, ymax 208 0 11 months ago
Aswin Bob Ignatius Aswin Bob Ignatius Deflection 185 0 11 months ago
Tim Gustafson Tim Gustafson Help with Microcantilever displacement under load 4,423 7 12 months ago
Youkang Shon Youkang Shon combining solid mechanics and transport of diluted species 131 0 1 years ago
Snowmoe25 Snowmoe25 Time-Dependent Heat Transfer 786 1 1 years ago
Hoon Jeong Hoon Jeong How to set <100> orientation of silicon 719 4 1 years ago
Bidyut Chakraborty Bidyut Chakraborty Need to apply forces in contact surface 286 0 1 years ago
Püren Güler Püren Güler applying force to a free deformable object on a flat surface 287 0 1 years ago
Anna Elsukova Anna Elsukova [COMSOL 4.3a] How to set initial stress and strain in Solid Mechanics module? 570 4 1 years ago
Meenakshi Arya Meenakshi Arya AC/DC Module 176 0 1 years ago
Hosein Khalatbari Hosein Khalatbari Modeling of Contact Problems in Solid Mechanics 487 1 1 years ago
Rembrandt Donkersloot Rembrandt Donkersloot Driven oscillators at mili Kelvin temperatures 1,060 21 1 years ago
Maddy Rich Maddy Rich What are Necessary Boundary Constraints? and Visualizing Force Vectors 252 1 2 yearss ago
H. Mohamed H. Mohamed Parametric sweep Kx Vector-Eigen Frequency study-non periodic structure 409 0 2 yearss ago
Rajib Anwar Rajib Anwar Contact modeling in COMSOL 5.0 278 0 2 yearss ago
Marta Iversen Marta Iversen FSI Fixed Geometry 559 0 2 yearss ago
Sandesh Gopinath Sandesh Gopinath Modal analysis of a membrane 393 0 2 yearss ago
Chong Zhang Chong Zhang How to calculate the volume of deformation in Solid Mechanics interface 970 1 2 yearss ago

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