COMSOL Conference 2017 User Presentations

Over 150 presentations on multiphysics simulation will be given at the conference by COMSOL Multiphysics users. By attending these sessions, you can connect with your colleagues and learn from their experiences. This year's program includes application specific Panel Discussions as well as a grand Poster Session.

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Session Chair: Brian Skinn, Faraday Technology, Inc. October 5th, 1:00PM - 2:30PM Commonwealth Ballroom 3

A Computational Study of Stoichiometry Sensitivity of a PEM Fuel Cell with Multi-Parallel Flow Channels

M. A. Rahman 1 ,  J. M. Mora 2 ,  P. A. Chuang 1

1 School of Engineering,  University of California,  Merced,  CA,  USA
2 University of the Philippines - Diliman,  Quezon City,  Philippines

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A Single Platform Approach for Kinetics Identification, Reaction Engineering, and Model Deployment

X. Zhu 1 ,  A. Munir 1 ,  R. Sangodkar 1 ,  E. Icten 1 ,  S. Huggins 1 ,  P. Rolandi 1

1 Amgen Inc.,  Cambridge,  MA,  USA

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Accelerated Electrochemical Machining Tool Design

B. Skinn 1 ,  T. Hall 1 ,  S. Snyder 1 ,  K. P. Rajurkar 2 ,  E. J. Taylor 1

1 Faraday Technology,  Inc.,  Clayton,  OH,  USA
2 University of Nebraska,  Lincoln,  NE,  USA

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Mapping the Limitations of Breakthrough Analysis in Fixed-Bed Adsorption

J. Knox 1

1 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center,  Huntsville,  AL,  USA

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Simulation of Atmospheric Air Micro Plasma Jet for Biomedical Applications

J. S. Crompton 1 ,  L. Gritter 1 ,  K. Koppenhoefer 1

1 AltaSim Technologies,  Columbus,  OH,  USA

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Simulation of Neurotransmitter Sensing by Cyclic Voltammetry under Mechanical Motion of a Neural Electrode

S. Han 1 ,  M. Polanco 2 ,  S. Bawab 2 ,  H. Yoon 1

1 Norfolk State University,  Norfolk,  VA,  USA
2 Old Dominion University,  Norfolk,  VA,  USA

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