COMSOL Day: Process Engineering & Transport Phenomena

November 19, 2020 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM CET

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Join us for a full-day online event with a special focus on process engineering and transport phenomena. Listen to experts in the field of simulation, engage in product demonstrations, and ask questions to COMSOL technical staff. Whether you are considering using COMSOL Multiphysics® in your organization and want to see how it works, or are an existing user looking to catch the latest news, this event has something for you.

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Welcoming Remarks

The simulation of the different units and components of processes has become increasingly popular as computational resources have made it easier to perform them. During this session, we will introduce you to the latest news and trends in process engineering simulation, particularly with respect to fluid flow and mass and heat transfer. We will discuss how simulation can be applied to process engineering applications and present some of the latest features in the COMSOL® software that expand the possibilities of what can be modeled and in what capacity.


Being able to simulate fluid flow is an integral part of understanding, designing, and optimizing process engineering applications. In this presentation, we will showcase a series of CFD models within single-phase, multiphase, nonisothermal, and reacting flows. We will also discuss how such simulations are coupled to the modeling of heat and mass transfer, as well as chemical reaction kinetics.


Moderator: Ruud Börger, COMSOL BV


  • Olivier Nyssen, Lhoist
  • Johan Heiszwolf, Lhoist
  • Arie de Niet, Witteveen & Bos
  • Ed Fontes, CTO of COMSOL AB

COMSOL brings together four panelists to discuss modeling strategies of process engineering and transport phenomena and share their experience with performing them. They will delve into why simulation is paramount to the design and operation of process engineering applications and the advantages to the industry that this brings. Attendees are welcome to ask questions and get the panel's perspective on their topics of interest.

Break for Lunch
Parallel Sessions:
Introduction to Modeling Multiphysics for Process Engineering

Simulating process and chemical engineering applications invariably involves modeling transport properties described by the simultaneous effects caused by flow, chemical reactions, and mass and heat transfer. It is important to solve these phenomena in concert with each other through coupling the physics correctly. This session will provide an introduction to the various interfaces that are available in COMSOL Multiphysics® for modeling such phenomena through building an example from scratch.

Tech Café: Meshing and Solving Large Models

Generating a robust and optimal mesh is critical for simulating fluid dynamics and transport phenomena in an effective way. The compromise between creating a mesh that is resolved enough to capture the participating phenomena, while still being computationally efficient, often requires different meshing techniques depending on what is being simulated. During this Tech Café, you will be able to discuss how best to generate a mesh and set up the solver configurations for your application together with COMSOL engineers.

Parallel Sessions:
Transport Phenomena: Mixing and Reacting Flow

Simulating mixing and reacting flow is important in determining the distribution of reacting species and products in nonideal reactors and reacting systems. In this session, you will learn how COMSOL Multiphysics® can be used to analyze the performance and process efficiency of reacting flow systems for chemical reaction engineering, fluid mechanics, process control, and mixer design applications.

Tech Café: Evaluating, Visualizing, and Reporting Results

In this Tech Café, we will discuss topics such as using datasets; computing integrals, averages, and max/min values; generating plots; creating animations; and exporting data tables, plots, and animations. COMSOL engineers will demonstrate best practices and answer your questions.

Parallel Sessions:
Modeling Multiphase Flow

Many engineering and treatment processes involve multiphase flow. By simulating multiphase flow, you can better understand this phenomenon, which can lead to better and more optimized designs of these processes. In this session, the various multiphase modeling approaches that are available in COMSOL Multiphysics® will be addressed.

Tech Café: Extend Your Modeling with Simulation Apps

Simulation apps enable you to expand your modeling and give more control to your colleagues who require simulations for their designs and processes. You can create user-specific modeling environments that are best suited to their simulation needs while also being simple enough for them to use, even if they are not modeling experts. During this Tech Café, we will discuss how best to develop simulation apps, and COMSOL engineers will answer your specific questions.


Groundwater is an important source of irrigation and drinking water where contamination is easy to occur and hard to resolve. Designing processes and systems to remove contaminants from groundwater requires an understanding of the complex way miscible and immiscible fluids and mixtures move through soil. In this session, we will demonstrate how to analyze the transport of single- and multiphase fluids through porous media using the phase transport and fluid dynamics functionalities in COMSOL Multiphysics®.

Closing Remarks

COMSOL Speakers

Frank de Pont
Ruud Börger
Sander Bezuijen
Tycho van Noorden
Mats Nigam
Paul Salden
Ed Fontes

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Johan Heiszwolf
Olivier Nyssen
Arie de Niet