Nov 5, 2019 Burlington, Massachusetts9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Join us for COMSOL Day for Energy Applications in Burlington, MA, to participate in panel discussions, experience product demonstrations, and exchange ideas with other simulation specialists. This event on November 5 will exemplify many use cases from our customers. You will also be able to meet with others working on energy-related projects and discuss how they use COMSOL Multiphysics® as well as chat with COMSOL technical and sales staff members. You will get a chance to see the electrochemistry modeling capabilities in the COMSOL® software. Feel free to invite your colleagues.

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In this session, we will talk about the various COMSOL Multiphysics® features and available multiphysics couplings for energy applications. We will also discuss published applications from our customers that showcase the capabilities.

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Designing a Nuclear Fusion Reactor Using COMSOL Multiphysics®

Fusion has the potential to revolutionize clean energy generation. Yet, due to limits in previous generations of superconductor and resistive magnet technologies, it has not lived up to this promise. A new generation of superconductors has sufficient performance to enable large-bore, high-field magnets that could drastically reduce the scale and timeline for fusion energy. Commonwealth Fusion Systems, in collaboration with MIT, is developing these new superconducting magnets for a demonstration of net fusion energy by the mid-2020s in the SPARC tokamak. Designing such a system involves working at the extremes of engineering: temperatures ranging from the extreme cold of the cryogenic superconducting magnets to the extreme hot of the plasma-facing components, highly nonlinear electromagnetic characteristics of the superconductors and fluid dynamics of the cryogenic fluid, and elastoplastic structures. This talk will present an overview of the systems in a fusion reactor and various examinations of how multiphysics simulations are critical to achieving a robust design.

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Panelists TBA shortly.

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Get a brief overview of the Electrochemistry, Batteries & Fuel Cells, Electrodeposition, and Corrosion modules, add-on products to the COMSOL Multiphysics® software, including:

  • Modeling electrochemical reaction mechanisms, mass transport, and current density distributions
  • Modeling electroanalytical techniques, like cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Setting up and solving an electrochemical cell model
  • Space- and time-dependent modeling of corrosion and corrosion protection
  • Analyzing capacity fade of lithium-ion batteries
  • Analyzing current distribution in electrodeposition, electroplating, and electrowinning
  • Modeling of thin electrodes using shell elements
  • Modeling of current density distribution and mass transport in gas diffusion electrodes used in fuel cells

COMSOL Day Details


Hilton Garden Inn Boston-Burlington
Hancock/Revere Room 5 Wheeler Road
Burlington, Massachusetts 01803

COMSOL Speakers

Ed Fontes

Ed Fontes is the chief technology officer at COMSOL. He has been with COMSOL since 1999, and was previously the lead developer for the CFD, heat transfer, and chemical engineering products. He received his PhD in chemical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Phil Kinnane

Phil Kinnane is the VP of sales at COMSOL, Inc. He has previously worked within the Business Development, Operations, and Marketing departments. Phil has 20 years of experience with modeling and simulation for all fields of engineering. He earned his PhD in electrochemical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Vandana Pandian

Vandana Pandian joined COMSOL as a technical sales engineer in 2014 and is the account manager for Massachusetts. She studied biomedical engineering at Clemson University, where she received her MS degree.

Invited Speakers

Dan Brunner
Commonwealth Fusion System
Dan Brunner is a cofounder and chief technology officer of Commonwealth Fusion Systems, where he is leading the engineering team designing the SPARC tokamak.

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