More Modeling Power to You: Introducing COMSOL® 5.3a Webinar

Nov 14, 20178:00 AM - 9:00 AM EST

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Tune into this webinar to get an early look at the latest release of the COMSOL® software.

COMSOL Multiphysics® and COMSOL Server™ software version 5.3a delivers a large number of productivity and performance improvements that will greatly increase the modeling power available to simulation specialists working with multiphysics analysis, simulation app design, and app deployment. Core functionality and add-on products for electromagnetics, structural mechanics, acoustics, heat, fluid, and chemical simulations have been expanded with new and updated mathematical modeling tools and numerical methods.

From modeling productivity tools to reduced simulation solving time, this webinar will highlight many of the COMSOL Multiphysics® and COMSOL Server™ features mentioned above and will conclude with a Q&A session.

Version 5.3a release highlights:

  • Acoustics and acoustic-structure interactions based on a hybrid boundary element-finite element (BEM-FEM) method
  • Impulse response for ray acoustics
  • Magnetostatics based on a hybrid boundary element-finite element (BEM-FEM) method
  • Shape memory alloy (SMA) materials for structural analysis
  • Revolutionary new method for capacitively coupled plasma (CCP) simulations
  • Support for 3DConnexion® SpaceMouse® devices
  • Buoyancy-driven turbulence for CFD simulations
  • 150 new materials and 1300 new material properties in the Material Library product
  • More than 60 substrate material properties for RF and microwave analysis
  • Built-in library of thermodynamic properties for calculating physical properties of pure fluids, mixtures, and two-phase fluid systems
  • Inlet boundary condition for fully developed turbulent flow profiles

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Webinar Details

Nov 14, 2017 | 8:00 AM EST (UTC-05:00)


Bjorn Sjodin
COMSOL, Inc. Bjorn Sjodin is the VP of product management at COMSOL. He has been with COMSOL since 1995 and started out as a member of the development team in Stockholm, Sweden. He joined the COMSOL office in Burlington in 2002.