Teaching Practical Stress Analysis with COMSOL® Webinar - Archived

This is a recording of a webinar that originally aired on Feb 15, 2018

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If you are interested in using finite element analysis (FEA) simulation to teach structural mechanics, then watch this webinar with guest speaker Professor Jingzhe Pan, head of Mechanics of Materials at the University of Leicester.

Stress analysis is routinely used in engineering design to virtually test design ideas and encourage innovation.

In this webinar, Professor Pan shares his experience of using the finite element method for stress analysis. He demonstrates that insight into solid mechanics can be obtained by taking students through a series of simple step-by-step examples. This valuable insight provides an “operating system” for students when they use FEA in design, without which numerical results can be wrongly interpreted or misused. The webinar does also discuss how Professor Pan uses the COMSOL Multiphysics® software in student research projects.

This presentation includes a live demonstration and a Q&A session during which you can ask questions.

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Jingzhe Pan
University of Leicester Professor Jingzhe Pan is the deputy head of the Department of Engineering and the head of Mechanics of Materials at the University of Leicester. He received his BSc in applied mechanics from Shenyang University of Technology in 1982, MSc in computational mechanics from Dalian University of Technology in 1985, and PhD in mechanics of composite materials from Shanghai Jiao-Tong University in 1988. In 1990, Professor Pan worked on impact damage of concrete structures at the University of Liverpool, and from 1991 to 1994, he worked on creep failure of engineering materials at the University of Cambridge. From 1994 to 2006, Professor Pan taught at the University of Surrey. In 2006, he joined the University of Leicester to take up a chair in Mechanics of Materials in the Department of Engineering.
Robbie Balcombe
COMSOL Ltd. Robbie Balcombe works as a technical team director at COMSOL. He graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2007 with a MEng in aero-mechanical engineering and then carried out his PhD in the area of numerical modeling of rolling contact fatigue at Imperial College London.