The Basics of Heat Transfer with COMSOL® in 18 Minutes Webinar

Nov 21, 201711:30 AM - 11:48 AM EST

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Want to learn the basics of modeling heat transfer in solids and fluids? Then this 18-minute webinar may be for you.

In this presentation, you will get a live demonstration in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software of how to import geometries; set material properties; select physics; apply boundary conditions; and mesh, solve, and postprocess a model that combines heat transfer in fluids and solids, taking into account temperature-dependent material properties. We also discuss creating and testing a custom simulation app based on the model as well as how to upload the app to COMSOL Server™ and run it through a web browser. You can ask questions at the end of the webinar during a Q&A session.

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Webinar Details

Nov 21, 2017 | 11:30 AM EST (UTC-05:00)


Valerio Marra
COMSOL, Inc. Valerio Marra is the marketing director at COMSOL in Burlington, MA. Previous roles include working in applications, technical support, and sales. Valerio received his PhD in fluid machines and energy systems engineering.