The Basics of LiveLink™ for MATLAB® with COMSOL® in 18 Minutes Webinar - Archived

This is a recording of a webinar that originally aired on Jun 28, 2017

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Learn about the basics of LiveLink™ for MATLAB®, an add-on product to COMSOL Multiphysics®, by tuning into this 18-minute webinar.

In this presentation, you will get a live demonstration of how to load a model made with COMSOL Multiphysics® into MATLAB® software and how to manipulate the model using the command line and scripts in MATLAB® software. You can access and modify all aspects of a model this way using LiveLink™ for MATLAB®. In addition, you will learn how to extract numerical data from models and plot results in MATLAB figures.

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Lars Gregersen
COMSOL A/S Lars Gregersen is a technical product manager for the LiveLink™ products at COMSOL. He joined COMSOL in 2002 and is also the lead developer of LiveLink™ for Excel®. Lars is a chemical engineer specializing in process control, dynamic simulation, and model estimation and has a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark.