Structural Optimization for Improving Component Designs - Archived

This is a recording of a webinar that originally aired on September 24, 2020

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There is an ever-increasing demand for lightweight yet durable vehicle components to improve the cost and fuel efficiency. Structural optimization has evolved as an important tool in the design process, enabling engineers to improve their designs while still satisfying safety and aesthetic constraints. Optimization can lead to innovative design solutions for a variety of components across different industries.

During this webinar, you will get an overview of the shape, size, and topology optimization capabilities available in the COMSOL® software for producing lightweight and more efficient designs. This will be illustrated by our guest speaker Ishant Jain, program manager for material and processing CoE at the Raychem Innovation Center, where multiphysics simulation has been used to improve the designs of autotensioning devices and modular cantilevers, two of the most critical components of railway overhead equipment. The presentation will also showcase optimization examples in different application areas, including structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, and acoustics.

This webinar includes a live demonstration of optimization for a structural mechanics problem, and will conclude with a Q&A session.

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Archived Webinar Details


Ishant Jain
Raychem Innovation Center

Ishant Jain is a research & development (R&D) professional with more than 10 years of industry exposure and academic research experience. He has proven competence across a gamut of domains, including electrical, mechanical, materials, steel making, and manufacturing. He has expertise across the fields of overhead equipment for railway tractions, HV/LV electrical accessories for power distributions like insulators and connectors, polymers, industrial heating, steel making and casting processes, and transformers. Ishant Jain is currently working as head of the department (program manager) for material and processing CoE at Raychem Innovation Center based in Vadodara. He has completed his BTech (Hons) in mechanical engineering from MIET and MTech in material and metallurgical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. He had worked as a senior researcher with TATA steel R&D Jamshedpur. Since 2014, he has been working with Raychem RPG, driving innovation and developing new products for the energy and power sector. Ishant Jain is TRIZ Level 2 certified and a green belt in Six Sigma. He has authored more than 20 technical papers in renowned national and international journals and has filed 25 patents to his credit. He has contributed to FEA analysis, electrothermal heat transfer, multibody dynamics, CFD, nonlinear structural mechanics, and static and dynamic analysis.

Pawan Soami
Managing Director, India

Pawan Soami is the director of India operations at COMSOL and has been working with the company since 2010. Previously, he was the product manager for the Multibody Dynamics Module and the Composite Materials Module. He received his master's degree in aerospace engineering at the Indian Institute of Science.