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Modifying the wave equation in the wave optics module

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Hello everyone,

In the wave optics module, frequency domain, modal analysis, I need to modify the wave equation. The default wave equation is the following:

∇×∇×E - ε k0^2 E = 0

λ = -jβ - δz

E(x,y,z) = E0(x,y) e^-iKz z

I want to modify the first line of the equation to:

∇^2E - ε k0^2 E = 0

How is this possible? I tried to create a custum physics envirnment by using the classical PDEs from Mathematics tab. However, I couldn't figure out how to implmemnt the second and third lines of the equations because it only lets me make one equation.

The attached is a very basic model in which I've used Helmholtz equation from the PDEs but couldn't make any progress because of the aformentioned problem.

Thank you,


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