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Exporting actual values of "Effective mode index" in parametric sweep

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I am simulating a simple structure for different dimensions by “Mode Analysis” to study the effects of changes in the dimensions on the e-field and other expressions. When I try to evaluate e-field or any other expression (by surface integral) the results are based on: * Lambda by using “Data only” – That I don’t need * Effective mode index by using “Outer solutions” (attached image) As it is shown in the image, in “Effective mode index” column only the mode number will be exported not the actual value and for exporting the actual values of the “Effective mode index” I need to the parametric solution section and choose any solution separately that will be so time consuming for the high number of solutions. Can anyone please help me for the followings: 1. Is there any way that I can export the actual Effective mode index with the e-field (or any other expression)? 2. What are outer solutions, inner solutions and data only?

Thanks in advance for your hep and time.

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