How to solve COMSOL error, " dependent variables are not coupled "?

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Hello. I am trying to model a 3D co planar waveguide and I am basing my model on the 2D version that is done in the following link:

I followed the 2D model step by step making no major changes, yet when i run the computation i get the following error:

The following dependent variables are not coupled to all degrees of freedoms in the model: comp1.A. - Boundaries: 1,3,4,32 - I looked at other forums and tried to change boundary conditions, yet this didn't seem to change anything.

My confusion also arises due to the fact that that I haven't added any dependent variables on the boundaries. Also i do not understand what comp1.A stands for I can't add the model on here, I'm more than happy to send it via email to be analysed. Thank you for your help!


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