Material: Low Density Foam

Sören Mechanical Simulations

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I got material data from a supplier who provide us with foam which we use for damping purpose during free fall tests. I want to use that data for drop test simulations.

I got an Excel sheet with stress-strain curves for different strain-rates. I also got an Abaqus file which describes the material behaviour (*Low Density Foam).

My problem is now, that I'm overwhelmed by so many different available Material Models in Comsol, so that I still don't know how to convert the different Stress-Strain Curves to a Comsol Material Models. I found online a lot information for 1 stress-strain curve but we have in total 5 of them.

Can someone sugest a material model?


Windows 10 Comsol 5.6 Mechanical Simulation Time Dependent Simulation


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