Tonpilz Piezo Transducer Tutorial - About Far Field Calculation

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Hello everyone,

I am studying the examples in the Application Library in order to improve my skills in the field of acoustics. I would like to ask a question about the Tonpilz Piezo Transducer Tutorial.

While designing, we activate the "symmetry in the z=0 plane" part in the far-field calculation. (Tonpilz Piezo Transducer Tutorial - 7:09) Is this necessary? If I put a full sphere around the Tonpilz, would I still need to activate it? If I put a full sphere around it and define water, the side surfaces will now be the "acoustic-structure boundary" and it will affect my calculation.

However, I couldn't decide which one was the right one while designing. Since I couldn't find any explanation on the subject, I wanted to ask here. I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Best Regards, Hakan.


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