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Hi I am simulating a wall for 24 hours. I divided my simulation to two study 12h for each. Also, I am changing the position of the material inside the wall in each study. Example if I am simulating a wall (cement-brick-insulation-Wood) in study 1, in study two I change the wall decomposition using parametric sweep so it will be ( cement- insulation - brick- wood). My problem is that when I compute study 2 and adding that the initial values are the last value of study 1, Comsol giving the last values of brick material in study 1 as the initial value of the insulation material in study 2. However, what I need is while changing the position of materials from study 1 to study 2 I want that in study 2 to begin with the last values of each material even if its position has been changed. For example: I want (brick Temperature (at 12h in study 1) = brick Temperature (at 12h in study 1)) not (brick Temperature (at 12h in study 1) = Insulation Temperature (at 12h in study 1)).

Please if anyone has the way to solve this problem it would be very kind to share it with me!

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Hello omar osman

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