Reducing Simulation Time

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I'm currently using COMSOL to simulate EM waves going through a set of buildings. Everything was going well until I had to add a steel wire mesh to the walls. My simulation time went from ~ 1hr to something around ~20 hours.

Are there any possible errors I can check? Or any way I can simplify my mesh without having to change the 3D models I have? The metal mesh's mesh seems to work normally but the time that it is taking to run the simulation makes me think something is wrong. I have even tried rebuilding the metal mesh and reexporting it, but nothing has changed.

When only modeling the steel wire in the walls of one building, everything works normally, but when I add the rest of the model, without the wire mesh in the other buildings, it takes much longer.

I would like to be able to attach the files for this but I am unable to since this project won't let me. Is the only thing I can do is breaking my model into different subcomponents?

Thanks in advance.


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