Importing dxf file using Java

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Hi there,

I'm attempting to use Java code (in Python) to import a DXF file into COMSOL. Everything is working well until I try to utilise a feature from the COMSOL programming manual. It can be found on page 325 (PDF page version 6.2) under the title "Import DXF".

I have successfully created my import within the geometry, and upon saving my model and checking it in COMSOL, everything appears correctly. However, I want to adjust my Import Options in COMSOL from "Solid" to "Do not knit". According to the manual, this option is referred to as "convert", which can be set to "solid", "curve", or "off". When I attempt this, I receive an error indicating that this property does not exist.

com.comsol.util.exceptions.FlException: Exception: com.comsol.util.exceptions.FlException: Unknown property Messages: Unknown property. - Property: convert

I suspect this issue is related to the Java code, as I have successfully used other features from the manual such as "repairgeom" and "selresult", which are functioning correctly.

Could you please review this and assist me?

Kind regards, Mohammad


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