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Calling all electrochemical enthusiasts - March courses on Electrodeposition and Corrosion

Kristen O'Connor COMSOL Employee
Join us this March for our special courses focused solely on electrochemical applications. First, we will be offering our popular Electrodeposition course where we will cover electrode kinetics, the influence of mass transport and moving boundaries in electrodeposition.

And for all those interested in Corrosion, we will explore galvanic corrosion modeling, cathodic protection, and the effects of mass transport in corrosion. This is learning experience you don't want to miss out on!

March 7th - Electrodeposition: www.comsol.com/events/e/22433/
March 8th - Corrosion: www.comsol.com/events/c/22435/

Hope to see you there!


Kristen O'Connor
Marketing Assistant

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