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Fuel cell modelling - Electrolyte selectivity issue

Muthuraja Soundrapandian
I started to model a micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) with the reference of existing PEMFC model given in the model library. I am using Comsol 4.2a. Since I designed my model as like as the given reference, I was not able to introduce additional layers of geometry because the predefined model is designed with only 5 major parts of geometry in its structure. I want to design with 7 parts. But when I have gone under secondary current distribution link, I found the electrolyte layer is choosen as wrong. As per Comsol's standard design, it is correct. But I dont know how to make my designed system which has 7 major parts to obey the same mechanism of existing cell constructed with 5 parts. Kindly suggest.

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COMSOL Moderator

Hello Muthuraja Soundrapandian

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