Flat Heat Pipe

Application ID: 43841

Heat pipes are used in a wide range of applications for efficient cooling, for example in microelectronic systems, computer internals, and for large cooling devices in spacecraft industry. It combines the principles of heat conduction and phase change to get extremely efficient heat transfer between a cold and hot side.

This model shows the basic set-up for modelling the heat transfer mechanisms in a flat heat pipe including heat transfer in solids, fluids and porous media as well as laminar flow in the vapor core. The flow in the vapor core is induced by the difference in the saturation pressure between evaporator and condenser side. The induced mass flow results in a heat source/sink term due to latent heat release.

This approach can be used in other heat pipe configuration as well.

The model can analyze the influence of different geometry parameters and operating conditions but does not predict operating limits of the heat pipe.

This model example illustrates applications of this type that would nominally be built using the following products: