One-Family House Acoustics Analyzer

Application ID: 30671

The One-Family House Acoustics Analyzer app is used to assess noise propagation in coupled rooms inside of a two-story house consisting of ten rooms. The app determines the sound pressure level (SPL) distribution in the house based on a number of sources that are interactively placed throughout the home.

It represents a classical room acoustics problem where engineers or architects want to determine the noise environment in a system of coupled rooms, such as homes, office spaces, or workshops. This is important when ensuring that an acoustic environment complies with noise and work regulations, for instance.

An engineer or architect can bring an app like this on-site and test different noise source scenarios and wall insulation characteristics. They can then compare the simulation results with actual measurements. The application lets you place, remove, and define multiple acoustic sources in different rooms of the house in order to determine the resulting SPL distribution.

The acoustics are modeled using the Acoustic Diffusion Equation physics interface in COMSOL Multiphysics, which is both fast and efficient at determining SPL distributions.

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