Stress Analysis of a Pressure Vessel

Application ID: 31031

A pressure vessel is designed to hold liquids or gases at substantially higher or lower pressures than the ambient pressure. A high pressure difference requires a correct design in order to avoid catastrophic failures.

The Stress Analysis of a Pressure Vessel app is an example of how you can design a tool for checking a family of components with a parameterizable geometry. The purpose of the app is to determine if the vessel will be able to sustain the applied internal pressure without exceeding a specified limit on the volume fraction of the material, which has exceeded the yield limit. The app solves for orthotropic plasticity using the Hill Orthotropic Criterion.

You can adjust the geometric parameters of the vessel, internal pressure, material properties, and the volume fraction of the vessel that is allowed to exceed the yield limit. Results from the app include the pressure at which initial yield occurs, the yielded volume fraction below the allowed limit, and the pressure at which the yielded volume fraction reaches the specified limit.

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