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Magnetotelluric Response Distortion Over Rugged Topography

D. Rizzello1 P. Canepa1 E. Armadillo1
1DISTAV - University of Genova, Genova, Italy

Magnetotelluric sounding: distortion of the computed apparent resistivity over an homogeneous earth with a rugged topographic surface.

Topographic effects on magnetotelluric responses may be severe on rugged terrains. Finite elements simulation is a valuable tool to quantify this effect, due to its capability to match real morphologies. To do the estimate of the distortion, the AC/DC Module of COMSOL has been employed, using a model of homogeneous resistivity on which a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) profile of the Deep Freeze Range (Victoria Land, Antarctica) has been superimposed. Then, the MT responses at several surface sites has been computed.

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