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Magnetic and Circuital Modeling of a Low Harmonic Pollution Three Phase Transformer

E. Scotoni1 C. Tozzo2 D. Zoccarato1 F. Paganini1
1TMC Italia, Busto Arsizio, Italy
2COMSOL, Brescia, Italy

Norm of the (peak) current density for the three harmonics. The colored lines represents the streamline of the magnetic flux density at 0 phase. A radial flux for the 5th and 7th harmonic is clearly visible looking at the streamlines.

A three phase transformer with very low harmonic pollution transferred back to power line is here presented. In fact, thanks to the described setup, intermediate harmonics (5th and 7th) are not going out back to the power line feeding the primary. These results has been extensively validated versus measurements performed on produced and shipped machine. With these results, TMC is then featuring thermal and structural studies in order to know before the construction the working temperature and mechanical stresses of different parts both in normal working configuration and in presence of internal or external failures. From this knowledge TMC is then able to motivate and assure his customers about the employment of given materials and technical solutions.

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