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Simulation and Analysis of a Borehole Transient Electromagnetic Reservoir Monitoring System

S.M. Dutta1 A. Reiderman1
1Baker Hughes, Houston, TX, USA

Induced current density plot as the eddy current from a borehole transient electromagnetic tool diffuses in a waterflooded reservoir after the z-transmitter is switched.

Waterflooding and steam-flooding are used worldwide for EOR. Recently, CO2-flooding has attracted global attention as a means of EOR as well as for carbon capture and sequestration. These processes cause significant changes over time in the fluid composition of oil reservoirs. This paper demonstrates the feasibility of a borehole transient electromagnetic (TEM) system that can map the fluid dynamics of these processes. This mapping can delineate bypassed pay and yield the extent of flooding. We use COMSOL Multiphysics to simulate the borehole TEM system in 2D and 3D models of waterflooded and CO2-flooded reservoirs. These simulations prove the efficacy of this technology in providing deep and azimuthally sensitive measurements and illustrate how TEM diffusion responds to electrical resistivity contrasts.

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