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COMSOL Aided Design of an Extraction Pipe for the Electron Beam from a Plasma Focus Device

M. Valentinuzzi1 E. Ceccolini1 D. Mostacci1 M. Sumini1 F. Rocchi2
1Montecuccolino Nuclear Engineering Laboratory, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Magnetic field energy of the PFMA-3 device.

The electron beam emitted backward by Plasma Focus devices is being investigated as a radiation source for IORT (Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy) applications. A Plasma Focus device is being developed to this aim. The electron beam is driven through an electron pipe made of stainless steel to impinge on a 50 μm brass foil, where conversion X-rays are generated. Electromagnetic forces in the Plasma Focus device have to be investigated to understand their influence on the electron beam produced by the extraction tube. The AC/DC Module in COMSOL is being used to simulate the electromagnetic field in the extraction tube to determine the optimum material.

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